Covid charter protocol

2020-05-14 Caterina Написал:

TYPES OF SANITATION OF OUR BOATS: The first operation that will be done after each disembarkation is a 30- minute ozone treatment. Total cleaning of all rooms and bilges will follow with professional sanitizers certified by the Ministry of Health. Subsequently, a deep external cleaning will be done with a sanitizing and a detergent action. Once the boat is dried, steam spraying will be carried out with specialized machinery for sanitizing all the external parts of the boat.

Upon arrival at the base, the charter Company has the right to measure the temperature and will have foreseen a Safe path to reach a pre-arranged COVID-FREE zone. Sanitizing gel services will be provided at multiple points in the Covid free area and additional masks and gloves will be provided.

CONTRACT STIPULATION: ALWAYS use gloves and a mask and respect distance with other clients. The stipulation of the contract will be done in an airy ambience where the distance between the person making the contract and the charterer will be respected, the desk will be divided and protected by a Plexiglas divider. Entry will be authorized only to one person at a time, in this case the charterer. In the event that the charterer is different from the Skipper, the charterer after signing and leaving the security deposit will leave the place to the Skipper in order to complete the bureaucratic procedures.

During the whole stage, ALWAYS use gloves and a mask. Guests, family members and the rest of the crew must respect the distance also in the COVID FREE structure (gazebo) available at the base. In the event that the spaces are not sufficient, clients can reach the accommodation facilities of the port or spend time on the beach while waiting the delivery of the boat and the end of the check-in procedures.

The dock is strictly forbidden to traffic, only and exclusively the Skipper, at the time of delivery of the boat, can transit to reach the boat with gloves and a mask.

PROVISIONING: Provisioning can be ordered before the arrival, contacting our office by email, otherwise in the event that the customer prefers to buy food by himself at the supermarket, provisioning can be done only after the delivery of the boat and the end of check-in procedures. Food cannot absolutely stay in the dock or at the base.

CHECK-IN PROCEDURE: EXCLUSIVELY THE SKIPPER AND A BOOMERANG CREW MEMBER can go on board for this procedure. The Boomerang crew member will wear a mask and gloves, also client must wear gloves and a mask. The distance of 1 mt between staff and client has to be respected. After the check-in procedure, the rest of the crew can be embarked respecting the distance with other crews while walking along the dock . Once the crew is embarked, none of the Boomerang staff can go on board.

We suggest to leave immediately the port and start sailing.

RETURN TO THE PORT: Before entering the port, all crew must wear masks and gloves. Go to the berth indicated by the Marina. The Skipper will stay on board while the rest of the crew will reach the Covid free area or other accommodation facilities of the port. As for boarding, ASSEMBLIES are strictly FORBIDDEN

CHECK-OUT PROCEDURE: As for embarkation, : EXCLUSIVELY THE SKIPPER AND A BOOMERANG CREW MEMBER will stay on board. The distance of 1 mt between staff and client has to be respected. Once the check-out procedure has been completed, go to the office in order to complete the paperwork.

For further information please contact us at +39 0789 24293 or by e-mail [email protected]